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Contact Details for all enquiries, advice and general information, Please visit our website www.rose-cottage-farm.co.uk or our breeder website esaya of yorkshire birmans and siberians or tel 01845 597309.

Monday, November 28, 2022

christmas 2022

 well hasnt it been a strange few years?

we are now reopened 365 days a year. But where possible keeping 72 hours between guests, changing pillows as well as bedding and sanitising as much as possible for everyones safety. 

the cottages had their kitchens and appliances fully refurbished during lockdowns and are very smart now as you will see on the website.

we have held our prices to pre lockdown and still discount regular guests.

full week £450, including welcome pack as usual, £180 for a 2 night stay extra days at £60 each,

trying hard not to increase with energy price increases.

our courtyard currently has christmas trees in the churns awaiting my very non skilled hands at decorating!!

we have a new dog, Tess.. supposedly a sheepdog.. i dont think that is going to happen anytime soon haha

she seems to be training me not the other way around.

well everyone i hope you have a very merry and happy ,safe christmas.

from audrey and jim

Friday, April 11, 2014

spring is here at last!! no matter how tired I get during lambing I love to see the new lambs. they play chase and tag, and until you have watched them I don't think people realise what fun these lambs have!!!
they really do make a game, including a touch base article, I have watched them and its almost like a playground from  a few decades ago before we were not allowed to run and jump over simple everyday objects.
we really hope a few people will take us up on the weekend offer we have running of 2 people 2 nights, cottage and all the extra's as usual just £99,  pets an extra charge of £10.
our very own 'easter ' eggs included!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

summer at last

we finally seem to have summer arriving. the bookings for the cottages are looking up, though there are still some spare weeks in july and august surprisingly.
The lambs are all getting bigger and changing colour now.
We have hatched quite a few runner ducklings which is just as well as 4 of the adults have disappeared last week.
I have been doing some fabulous walks in our surrounding woods with the dogs,
 its so peaceful and quiet, our guests love it.
lots of fruit appearing in the orchard so looking forward to picking the cherries soon.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentines day

As you can see we have had a lot of snow this January.The woodland walks that surround us have been like winter wonderlands, our collies and our GSD have absolutely loved chasing snowballs.
The sheep have not been so enamoured. We now have 4 portland lambs, Cracker, born 1st january, Clyde,Charlotte and Clementine. We are expecting another little arrival any day now, mum is in the maternity sheltereating sheep nuts, munching fresh hay and generally enjoying the attention!
The heavy snows and subsequent melt have left our fields very wet, but the sun and wind are drying them now.The runner ducks are loving the new 'ponds' that have been created by the melt!!
Our herdwicks are due to start lambing in March,so there will be some beautiful little black lambs to contrast the apricot coloured portland lambs that look like little fawns.
We have had the cottage bathrooms re-tiled and refurbished all bright and new for this years guests.
We have had a couple of bookings for a cottage and use of the cat chalet,which is all up and running with its own thermostatically heated bed and lighting, and a view of the fields. The chalet is away from our own cats, and has a padlock for secuity, and easy access from the cottages.
We have been having a lot of  casseroles with herby dumplings, and roast lamb dinners. The herdwick lamb meat, is proving popular for our visitors to purchase and take home with them.
Our Valentines weekends are coming up, so the cottages are ready with their sparkling wine,chocolates and rose petals, in addition to the usual welcome pack that we include.
We have just had our YTB inspection and passed with flying colours, maintaining a well above 3* standard.
We are looking forward to meeting some new guests from the Netherlands who have already booked for the forthcoming year, and seeing our regulars as usual.
valentines day is also my birthday, so i wonder has Jim anything romantic in mind? ....Hmm maybe some chocolates that he will eat hah hah!!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

we have the most wonderful scenery imaginable. the snow is deep and crisp.
we have had 4 portland lambs born (rare breed) they are all tucked up in their field shelter tonight with soft straw and lights on.
our siberian girl, Diva had 7 kittens on tuesday, so i have been busy being midwife most of the week.
really looking forward to St Valentines day, we have some special deals on for couples including wine and chocolates. We hope to be booked up in the next couple of days, just £125 for the cottage for 2 nights inc all electric,bedding, welcome pack etc etc.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Jim and I on our holiday in Norway, we were at Holo Farm up in the mountains, what a lovely place. we were made very welcome and had traditional food in their holiday house. the holiday was all too soon at an end, and we are home again and back to reality.
The tups have gone in with the ewes so we are on countdown to lambing once again.
we are presently refurbishing the cottage bathrooms, the tiler is booked and some modern tiles have been chosen to replace the white ones that have served well for the last few years.
The cold weather is creeping in now, so we are preparing to relight the AGA, i cannot wait to get back to that type of cooking, it tastes so much better than the when cooked in the fan oven.

Friday, June 29, 2012

June is nearly over

And what weather havnt we had!!!! Rain, torrential and continual, then glorious sunshine, strong winds then deadly calm.. whatever next!! The poor lambs do not know what to do for best. We have had the sheep sheared and they are hiding under hedges now to keep dry.
We had a visit from a lesser spotted woodpecker to our bird table this morning, this shy bird is so so beautiful.
the swallows are all nesting in and around our buildings as are the house martins, its such a lovely time with all the new life around us.
The cottages have been quite quiet, I think everyone is feeling the pinch of the austerity punch from the government.Tightening belts is one thing but i believe we are in a stranglehold now.
Our mare scarlet is recovering from her metabolic syndrome and is now back in work, i never though i would see her between the shafts ever again, i am so proud of her... i do so hope July is more settled!!then we can drive all the ponies more regularly.
I have made my first Pork Pies, i got the hang for the hot water crust pastry on the second attempt, and they are so delicious we ate them before they were cool!!