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Contact Details for all enquiries, advice and general information, Please visit our website www.rose-cottage-farm.co.uk or our breeder website esaya of yorkshire birmans and siberians or tel 01845 597309.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Well here we are halfway into July... the holiday cottages are doing well now, after a really slow start to the season.
we have a beautiful litter of chunky siberian kittens that are thriving really well.
Sadly our chestnut mare lost her foal after a difficult birth and is starting to recover and get ready to bring back into work.
The latest creation at the farm, is my very popular Elderflower champage.. excellent refreshing drink with low alcohol content. I have made 3 gallons and have bottled and given several away to friends. This simple to make drink requires no skill other than a few elderflower heads,chopped lemons, sugar,cider vinegar and plenty of water. just combine the elderflower and lemons in a fermentation bucket with the water, approx 8 heads,2 lemons per gallon. after 36 hours strain onto 1 1/2 lbs sugar and tablespoon cider vinegar. bottle in screw top bottles...DO NOT TIGHTEN THEM!!! Chill and drink within 3 months,enjoy....