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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January and snow snow snow

Well here we are in January, just 4 weeks off lambing and such dreadful weather. The sheep are spending most of their time in the field shelter munching their way throughy lots of hay and sheep nuts. The horses are bored and as ready as we are to get back on the road. This year we are hoping to organise insurances to let us offer trips around the villages for our gusts on the carriages.

We have 4 indian runner ducklings and 3 egyptian mau kittens. The egyptian mau's are the original domestic spotted cat. We have just 3 beautiful bronze boy kittens and are expecting lots of interest when the adverts go public. They are really fun cats full of life and very agile.

In December we had a new kitchen fitted in the farmhouse, so January has sen lots of hot casseroles and home baking in the new ovens.. and some tried and trusted recipes in the faithul old 1952 AGA... still chugging away and keeping us warm.

Happy New Year to you all..