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Sunday, April 8, 2012

April showers

We have had a wake up call as april started,we were without power for 3 days and nights.. what a nightmare. when we lose the electric we also lose our water supply as the water has to be pumped up from a bore hole. We switched to the spring water, but needed to boil it before use. we had just a 1 ring calor gas stove to do this on. we are presently feeding 5 orphan lambs on bottles around the clock, and the only heat we could provide for our cats and kittens was from hot water bottles,both the old stone ones and the traditional rubber ones. with no lights from 6 till 6 each day, it was a gloomy and very tiring time. everything survived except the 40 ducklings ready to hatch in the incubator, there was nothing we could do to maintain the correct temperature, so very sad, there was only 4 days left till they were due to hatch.

we were totally exhausted after that episode, and doesnt it make you realise how reliant we all are on the click of a switch for instant light and heat?

well we are back on track now hopefully and looking forward to spring returning to us!! the lambs are doing well 23 in total, and a few more late ones due soon.