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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Well here are at last in the beautiful June sunshine.

We have been getting out and about carriage driving with the horses. The photo here shows Jeannie our norwegian fjord pony and bramble my little speed machine of a welsh!!I think they are whispering about the camera man!!

The lambs are growing fast now and starting to change colour from the all black wool to a lighter shade, slightly brown, and the faces are whitening all the time. The ram lambs are developing horns, and attitude to match!!
Our holiday cottages are getting booked up, and from visitors from overseas. We are meeting some really interesting people as the year progresses.

We have had a lot of other births on the farm, ducklings, chicks and kittens...Scarlet the chestnut mare is due to foal at the beginning of July so watch this space!!