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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Special Springtime Recipe from Rose Cottage Farm

We are increasing lamb numbers thick and fast at the moment, so not a lot of time for cooking, which brought me to having a baking session to see us through. One special cake I make is a Granny Audrey's Spiced Cake. I make is with gluten free flour as my daughter is allergic to wheat flour and gluten, but any self raing flour will suffice.
12oz self raing flour.1 teaspoon mixed spice,1 teaspoon cinnamon. 8oz butter(or healthy alternative) 8 OZ light brown sugar.8oz mixed fruit, I use my own mix without peel or cherries in. 6 pieces of crystallised ginger chopped small.2 eggs, and milk to mix approx 2/3 of a beaker usually.
Sieve flour and spices together,rub in the butter until mixture looks like breadcrumbs.add sugar,fruit and ginger,stir to mix evenly then add beaten eggs and milk a little at a time until mixture nice and sticky,or claggy as my mum would have called it!! Put into a greased and floured round tin 7 or 8inch diameter. Bake in centre of a moderate oven. gas mark 4-5 for approx 1 hour for 8inch tin or 1 1/4hours for 7 inch tin. reduce heat after 45minutes to approx mark 3-4.test by pressing quite hard on top, the cake will be quite firm to touch when cooked.Delicious, and keeps well.Do try and Do enjoy.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Manx Triplets!!

Lambing is well under way. Dolly the Portland ewe has one gorgeous ewe lamb, 32 the Herdwick has one ram lamb, Snowdrop the herdwick has twins and hates them, so the steriliser is on....and then matilda the manx girl had triplets today. I am feeling a little sleep deprived, but I adore the new lambs.
Just another 12 to go.........

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Our First Portland Lamb

What a suprise at 5am this morning when I went to do my second check of the night, there was Dolly the Portland ewe with the most beautiful ewe lamb all tucked up and clean, she looks like a little fawn, so cute.
The herdwick sheep are all due any day and the manx girl in about a week.
I am starting to feel a bit sleep deprived, but when the lambs are born its all worth it.
We are getting ready for the Easter bookings and expecting to be busy, people love to visit when we have lambs and chicks around.. we also have some siberian kittens born, they are delightful fluffy bundles of fun.....